STM32CubeMX on MacOS

Installation on MacOS

Installing STM32CubeMX 5.5.0 on MacOS is not as obvious as it should be. Instead of running the .app file, use the java command to run the .exe file!

java -jar SetupSTM32CubeMX-5.5.0.exe

Source: STM Forums.

This will install the application without admin rights into your user folder: /Users/<username>/

There is an uninstaller in


Starting STM32CubeMX
Creating a Project

Which Toolchain / IDE? Is MDK-ARM correct?

Code Generation


The code is successfully generated under <path> but MDK-ARM V5.27project generation have a problem.

2020-01-22 07:39:02,255 [INFO] ProjectBuilder:1843 - Time for Copy HAL[1] : 141mS.
this is project Generator
2020-01-22 07:39:02,260 [INFO] ProjectBuilder:2428 - Project Generator version: 3.6.0
2020-01-22 07:39:02,702 [INFO] ConfigFileManager:1043 - The Die is : DIE450
2020-01-22 07:39:03,823 [INFO] ToolchainGenerator:364 - [Project Generator] Problem in the project generation
  at generators.KeilGenerator.setDeviceType(
  at convertor.Convertor.generateProject(
  at convertor.Convertor.generateKeilFiles(
  at convertor.Convertor.generate(
  at convertor.Convertor.convert(
  at convertor.Convertor.generate(
2020-01-22 07:39:07,763 [INFO] ConfigFileManager:1872 - mx.scratch is deleted!
2020-01-22 07:39:07,764 [INFO] ProjectBuilder:2595 - Time for Generating toolchain IDE Files: 5505mS.
2020-01-22 07:39:07,764 [ERROR] ProjectBuilder:2601 - Error in Project Generation
2020-01-22 07:39:07,764 [ERROR] ProjectBuilder:666 - Error in Project Generation