How to Prepare for the AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam

Here are some tips to help you prepare for the Exam.

Firstly, there are free courses directly from AWS. In the case of the Cloud Practitioner course, they even contain 30 free questions to practice and tips for preparing for the exam. You can sign up with your Amazon account and access the courses for free. Especially sign up for this course: . You can also dive into the WhitePapers and FAQs: . Other important documentation is: Overview of Amazon Web Services:
Compare AWS Support Plans: How AWS Pricing Works:

Videos to study for reference –

Secondly, Neil Davis from Digital Cloud Training has created an ebook containing Cloud Practitioner test exams. The ebook is called AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Practice Tests 2021 and is available here. The interesting thing about this ebook is, that it is free if you subscribe to kindle unlimited. kindle unlimited is a paid subscription that lets you read a selection of ebooks on your kindle or using the kindle software for your mac or PC. The kicker is that there is a free 30 day testing period for kindle unlimited! That means if you are preparing, 30 days should be enough to go through the test exams in Neil’s book!

Thirdly, steeling Neil Davis content from Amazon is not the only recommendation I have for you. I strongly recommend buying Neil Davis Udemy course on the Cloud Practitioner Exam. Neil is my favourite instructor because he calmly explains the AWS topics in a very well structured manner. It is actually nice listening to him and learning from his explanations. As a native speaker his presentation and speech is very, very good and the audio quality and the speed in which he presents the topics is perfect. He covers a lot of ground in his course, adds hands-on-learning videos on top and adds another test exam to the course for you to practice. 

One tip for Neil Davis’ courses: Whenever Neil talks about fairies, he wants to teach you the theory of a body of knowledge! He is not talking about fairies but about theory.

Also, did you know that when typing in “Udemy sale” into google, there is a very, very high chance, that the Udemy page will switch into the “Sales”-mode, in which it will sell you all courses with a high discount! I do not know why this is, but for me it works consistently. That means, you can get Neil’s course on a budget too! 

Fourthly, did you know that when you add a skill to Alexa, Amazon rewards you with monthly credits for AWS? If your free tier ran out, you maybe can make some credits for further practice.

Fifthly, do not let anybody fool you! The exam is not easy to pass! Without knowing about the majority of the AWS Services, you stand no chance passing the exam! Look at the exam guide: and make sure you have a basic knowledge about what all services do that are mentioned in this exam guide! This is the basis of the exam!

Sixthly, before taking the exam if you are not a native english speaker, you can request a test accomodation which is a 30 minute increase on the 90 minute test duration. Voucher codes and non-native English language + 30 mins –

There are group vouchers for companies: Group voucher codes for companies –

If you do not own a credit card and cannot sign up to AWS, you can prepare using quick labs: I don’t have an AWS account to do hands-on lab ? What do I do ? – This will give you a AWS account which lives for one hour and is then erased completely!

Seventhededly, if you sign up for the Get-Certified-Challenge (Registration will be open March 29 – June 11, 2021),, not only will you receive newsletters with information material and links to free courses, but you also will receive a voucher for a free practice exam!

Eigthedly,  here is a practice quiz with 30 questions:

Ninethly, how can you gain an overview over which compute service is used for what purpose exactly? The answer is, by reading this page: which outlines the purposes nicely.

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