C++ on MacOS with Eclipse CDT

The Eclipse C++ Developer Tooling adds C++ support to Eclipse.

The installation URL is https://download.eclipse.org/tools/cdt/releases/9.6/ using this URL, you can install CDT form within Eclipse using the “Install new Software” feature.

Eclipse CDT requires a C++ compiler being installed on the System. Under MacOS the easiest way to install a compiler is to install XCode from the app store. This also installs the lldb debugger which Eclipse CDT has support for. The latest version of XCode does not come with the gdb debugger which is the default debugger in a vanilla installation of CDT. That means you have to change Eclipse CDT to use the lldb debugger instead of gdb.

In order to debug using lldb, you have to edit the workspace settings and change the default debugger from gdb to lldb. The settings for the debugger are contained in Eclipse Menu > Preferences > Run/Debug > Launching > Default Launchers. In the submenu, change the Debug option to lldb and save.

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